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We are modular home builders based operating across the Utah. We provide our communities with quality prefabricated homes that are on budget, on-time and high quality. We provide free consultation and can help you find the perfect modular solution.

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Our Approach

Turn-Key Builder

We focus on providing our clients with an easy experience from start to finish. This means that we undertake all of the tasks including custom designing your home based on your needs, obtaining permits and building your home.


Custom Home Design

The only thing that will be standard about your modular home will be the concrete foundation. Everything else will be custom built to your needs and specifications and budget. Our design team will make recommendations to ensure you get the most out of your new home.

Dedicated Client Service

We promise to take great care of you during and after the completion of your modular construction. Our business was founded on the dedication to our clients and this remains our principle today.

What is a modular home?

Modular homes are growing in popularity across the USA and are also commonly known as manufactured or prefabricated homes. They are housing units that are built using a different system compared to traditional home constructions. Modular homes are built inside a factory based on the owners specifications, budget and needs and transported to the site and installed on the foundation. This process is the reason they are called modular homes as they are often transported in pieces and put together on site.

Modular home being installed in pieces.

Modular home being installed in pieces.

These types of homes are growing in popularity because of their many advantages that we will cover in this article.

Cost Advantages

The average price of a prefabricated home in is 30-40% less than a traditionally built home on a per-square-feet basis. The homes are also often built faster which requires less labor which lowers the cost significantly. Since they are built in a factory it allows for more efficiency and these savings are past onto the consumer.


Resell Value

As you can imagine the resell value of manufactured homes would be significantly lower than a traditionally built home. However the dollar for dollar exchange (what you spent on building VS what you sell for) is very competitive to a traditional home. Overall the modular homes lose their value slightly faster than ordinary homes but the amount of time and money you save offset the difference in most cases we have seen.

Construction Time

In good cases and if you choose the right modular builder, your new home can be manufactured and installed within 8 weeks. Factories are usually very precise in their delivery times but the design phase usually takes up longer than expected. This is usually because the client needs to think more about the way they need their home designed. We recommend that you allocate enough time to dedicate to the design phase of your home and bring all decision makers (for example, your wife) to the meeting as well. This will help speed up the process significantly.

Material Quality

You need to be diligent in the material you choose for your modular home. This will make the biggest long term difference in your maintenance costs and resell value. Be careful of “too good to be true” savings on cheaper materials and always consider the suggestions of your modular home builder. As long as you are with a trusted modular home builder, their advice will only help you gain more out of your new prefab home.

Customization Options

You can customize your home in any way you wish during your design consultation. You can choose floor plans, windows, doors and even different styles. The only thing that will be limiting your customization options is that you need to consider a time when you may want to resell your home. You don’t want your home to be so custom that it may be undesirable to the housing market. In most cares your consultant will let you know if your customization ideas may hurt resell value but this might be a good thing for you to also be on the look out for.

The Process Overview

  • Free initial consultation
  • Feasibility study
  • Design your dream home
  • Securing building permits
  • Choosing materials
  • Interior design services
  • Finding discounts and rebates
  • Building the exterior shell

Maximize the size of your home and minimize disruption to your life with a Modular Home Addition.

Overall Value

Do we recommend building a modular home? in short, yes we do. Modular homes save you time and money which is something very desirable in today’s economical conditions. Living in a modular home is almost seamless and feels the same as a traditional home. The 30-40% cost savings can go towards lowering your mortgage rate, paying off debt or making investments which are usually a better alternative.



Free Consultation

We know you have questions and want to know if prefabricated homes are the right fit for you. Take advantage of our free consultation.

At the end of the consultation you will have all of the information you need to make the right decision.


Design Consultation

When you decide that a modular home is the right solution for you, you will meet with a senior design expert to start building your dream modular home. The designing process uses high tech computer software to build a 3D model of your home based on your specifications.

Resell Value

As important as the design, price and quality of your modular home is for you and your family, the resale value is also important for the future. During the entire process we will make recommendations to help you get the highest resell value if you decide to sell your home.


When the design is finalized and the permits are obtained, we will begin the on-site phase of your modular home building. The foundation of your home will be built and setup while the manufactured part of your home is in the factory being built.

Less Mess & Disruption

Modular homes are built inside a factory and are manufactured in parts. These prefabricated, modular home pieces are then tightly assembled on-site. This provides a much cleaner construction site with reduced mess, noise and disruption to you and your neighbors. In addition to all of these benefits, risk of weather conditions pushing your project back are also reduced.

Time Frame

Most design phases take about 1-2 weeks to finalize (and get your wife’s approval). After the design is finalized your modular home can be built in about 4-6 weeks.

Popular Modular Home Styles

Ranch Style

The Ranch Style modular home (or Rancher) are very popular. They are famous for the short style and limit decorations. They are usually built as a one-story prefabricated unit and are extremely flexible when it comes to adding modular additions at later times. You can say they are the most flexible modular style.

Two Story

A two-story modular home has two floors above the ground. With this style of modular homes common areas can be found on the main floor and bedrooms are on the second story. This style is common among our clients because it allows for large square-feet on a limit piece of land.


More suitable for snowier and colder clients a Chalet style modular home is inspired by Swiss Alpine homes. This is not the most common style for a prefabricated home, but depending on which parts of state you are living in might be a good choice.

Cape Cod

Originating in the Northeast, Cape Cod modular home styles are better suited for colder clients and are very common. This versatile style allows for simple additions, maintenance with the option to be built with one or two stories. Due to the sharp angle of the roof on this style, these manufactured units often have an attic.

Colonial Style

Originating from the southern states colonial modular homes can be identified by their size and white columns. Considered the more “traditional” style for a prefab home, they often have a front porch that goes 360 degrees around the house. Most of these homes are built with at least two stories.


New advances in modular home technology have allowed for manufactured homes to be built without size limits. This has created a demand for Mansion side modular homes. This style of home is usually the bigger size than traditional units. Any style can be built into a mansion.

Floor Plans & Designs

Floor Plans

There are many floor plans that you can choose from. Depending on the style you choose to go with you can use starter floor plans to build on and customize areas that you want. Modular home floor plan sampleThis is the best way to start the design process of your modular home because it allows you to save time rather then re-creating common areas. Sometime having too many choices makes a decision harder which is why we have many popular floor plans ready for you to review and narrow down your choice. Each floor plan can be customized using the computer and a 3D rendering of your design will be made available to help visualize your dream home. Learn more about prefab styles and floor plans.

Mortgages for Modular Homes

One of the most common questions our modular home builders get “Can you get a mortgage on a modular built home?”. The answer is YES. Securing a mortgage in Utah is the same process for traditional built homes and modular homes. When you approach your bank or financial institution about financing your prefabricated home they will ask you the basic questions that is on all mortgage applications. This includes questions about:

  • Your income and employment
  • Your net-worth and other investments
  • General lifestyle questions
  • Credit application

Learn more about mortgages and constructions loans for prefabricated homes.

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